Where can I buy Earthing products?

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Do Earthing products run on electricity?

No. They simply pick up the Earth’s energy through the ground port of a properly grounded outlet or from a ground rod placed directly in the Earth. The energy passes through a cord to the conductive Earthing mat, sheet, or band specially designed for human grounding. When your body comes in contact with the Earthing product you absorb the Earth’s energy. Earthing products are like “barefoot substitutes,” enabling you to receive the outside energy of the Earth inside your home or office.

Can I become electrocuted by an Earthing product?

No. When you plug in the cord of an Earthing sheet or mat into an electrical outlet, the plug, cord, and product are designed to only conduct the ground energy, from the ground port in the outlet. It does not conduct the electrical power that operates your lights and appliances in the house.

I have used various therapeutic systems that simulate the frequencies of the Earth. How is this different?

There are many effective instruments available that use a variety of frequencies. Earthing products simply conduct the actual frequencies of the Earth to your body without any simulation and serve as extension cords from the Earth to you. The signal they carry includes all of the subtleties inherent in Nature that our bodies have attuned to throughout history. Earthing is totally natural.

I don’t want to spend any money for any grounding product when I can make one myself with a ground rod, some 20 gauge wire, and then wrap the wire around my ankle or foot at night.

You can certainly do it. People have done it many times. However, it is not particularly comfortable. You could possibly cut off circulation if you wrap the wire too tight around your extremity. Secondly, a sharp end on a wire wrapped around the ankle could tear the sheet.

Why should I buy any grounding product, like a sheet or a mat, when I can simply go barefoot?

You are absolutely correct. Barefoot is the natural way to go. And also sleep on the ground. This is the way humans evolved. In so-called “developed societies,” we wear insulating shoes and we sleep on elevated beds. However, most people won’t regularly go barefoot, if at all, or consider sleeping on the ground, and certainly not in the cold winter months. So Earthing products were created to address the issue of comfort, convenience, reality, and practicality. The products are basically extension cords. They bring the Earth’s energy outside into the office and home inside − the equivalent of being barefoot outside while you are inside. They were developed to accommodate the research process and to satisfy a continually growing demand of people wanting to sleep, work, or relax grounded for all the reasons we present in the book.

Which side of the Earthing mat is conductive? What about the cover?

The mat can be used in different locations, and with or without a mat cover.

When used in bed, some people don’t like the feel of the mat on their skin. In that situation, you can insert the mat into the fabric cover sleeve, and use it in bed. Make sure you connect the mat with the provided Earthing cord.

Only one side of the mat cover is conductive. It is the side with the grid pattern of conductive silver fibers.  The other side is not conductive.

Similarly, only one side of the mat is conductive. It is the side on which you snap on the Earthing cord. The other side is not conductive.

When you make bare skin contact with the conductive side of a connected mat, or with the conductive side of the mat cover with a connected mat inside of it, you receive the energy from the Earth.

Are the sheet threads really silver? Why?

Any metallic material will conduct the flow of electrons. Earthing products utilize carbon or silver as the conductive agent. Silver is highly conductive and very strong, allowing it to hold up well with frequent use and washings. Moreover, it is inherently anti-microbial.

Is it safe for my pet dog to touch an Earthing met or sheet?

Yes. Animals naturally want to spend time in contact with the Earth. Most indoor pets share our lifestyle causing them to be separated from direct contact with the Earth. People report that pets indoors are attracted to grounding sheets and mats.

I would like to ground myself indoors during the day and not just at night. What do you recommend?

Depending on your activities, you might choose between a wrist/ankle band and the universal mat. You can be more mobile with the band.  Put it around your wrist or ankle. If you choose the mat, you can use it on the floor (put your bare feet on it…or thin socks also OK) while relaxing, reading, watching TV, or at the computer.  At your desk you can use it as a mouse pad and make bare skin contact via your fingers, wrist, or forearm. You can also place it on your couch while sitting on it, but make sure you have some bare skin contact with it.  Just think in terms of what your daily activities are and how either the mat or band would give you the most convenient grounding time.

How does the auto mat work since we are wearing clothes and no bare skin is touching it?

The sweat from your body creates a channel of moisture and conductivity through the layer of clothes (pants, dress, shorts, etc) to the mat. The mat is connected to the metal chassis of the car via the cord that snaps onto some metal part under the seat. The chassis represents a relative ground plane, enough to act as a “sink” into which you discharge the static electricity that builds up on the body as a result of the clothes you wear rubbing against the seat. This rubbing action, brought about by the vibration of the moving car, creates static electricity on your body which can cause some muscle tension and fatigue. The mat is particularly effective for people who drive long distances, but can also be helpful for anybody who experiences that tension and fatigue from driving.