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What to do if Earthing Doesn’t Seem to be Working?

Earthing for Lyme Patients: Go Slow!

Is There a Best Way to Get Grounded?

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Commentaries from Health Professionals

Nurturing the Nervous System-Heart Connection

New Hope for Diabetes ‎

Shifting Lives with Earthing – A Psychiatrist’s Perspective

Menopause Transformation – A Case History

Earthing Speeds Athletic Recovery and Healing

One Dentist’s Earthing Experience

Pets Need the Earth, too

 Earthing Benefits

Skeptical About Earthing? Go Outside Barefoot!

Beauty: “The Earthing Facelift”

Rapid Benefits for Women: A 1-Hour “Time Trial”

The Earthing and Blood Pressure Connection

Potential Benefits for Premature Babies

Earthing on the Road – Can You Ground Yourself in a Car or Truck?

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Multiple Benefits – The Holistic Impact of Earthing

Grounding and Awareness of “Groundedness”

Fairfield IA: Earthing Capital of the World?

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Pets Love Mother Earth

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Earthing vs. “Good” and “Bad” Free Radicals

Earthing, Inflammation, and Aging – Something to Think About


Grounded Wine

The Ultimate Earthing Bed or Ultimate Bed Bug Bed?

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