Multiple Benefits – The Holistic Impact of Earthing #1

Many different systems in the body are affected when we reconnect with the Earth.  Earthing is truly a holistic concept.  People who start Earthing because of a sleep problem or a pain problem are often surprised to experience a broad array of relief. Here are two stories we’ve received along those lines:

Lynn Deene, 67, Milo, MI, retired medical practice administrator

“In November 2010, when I started Earthing, I had been looking for some kind of relief for bilateral swollen and painful Achilles tendons and plantar fasciitis for over a year.  I had tried different exercises, ice packs, massage, and finally physical therapy, all with little or no relief and none with lasting effect.

“At the end of each day, my feet were so painful and sore, as well as my calves, that it felt like every step was torture.  It didn’t matter if my day was more or less active. Also, with the fasciitis, getting out of bed in the morning, even with doing foot and ankle exercises before putting my feet on the floor, it felt like I was standing on blocks of wood. It took several slow steps to loosen up my feet.

“I also had left shoulder and upper arm pain from a fall six months earlier, which, again, had minimum relief from therapy, pain relievers, and stretching exercises.

“I was also experiencing urinary frequency, headaches, fatigue that sleep didn’t relieve, other muscle aches, and a feeling of heaviness in my legs that came after a few minutes of my daily walks, and chronic knee pain from a twenty-year-old injury caused from a horse kick.

“I was also taking 20 milligrams of hypertension medication daily.

“I have led a healthy lifestyle all my life – no alcohol, no tobacco, eat well, drink lots of water, take supplements, have regular adjustments, daily exercise, and love the outdoors.

“I was very intrigued when I first heard about Earthing, so I got the book, and then an Earthing mat. I put the mat on the floor at my computer. After a 10-hour day in front of the computer, I noticed after just a couple of days that I didn’t have the ‘normal’ headache after a few hours at work, and also, that I wasn’t nearly as fatigued at the end of the work day.  I had more energy for my after-work walk.

“I was so excited that I got a half-sheet for our bed. My husband was willing to give it a try.

“After two weeks I had less muscle pain. After three weeks, I noticed that my Achilles tendons were less swollen and that they didn’t hurt at the end of the day. After four months, I was like a new person. My tendons looked and felt normal. The fasciitis was completely gone. The knee pain, ‘creakiness,’ and heaviness in my legs were gone. My mobility became stronger, quicker, more flexible.  I wasn’t fatigued at 10 am, as I was before.  .

“The shoulder and arm pain was greatly relieved.  And the urinary symptoms were gone.  I didn’t have to plan my life around where bathroom facilities are!  I’ve been able to lower my blood pressure medication – to 5 milligrams – with a consistently-lower reading that I haven’t seen since I started the medication more than a dozen years ago.

“The best yet is that my husband has had very little muscle pain, sleeps more sound, and with less snoring, and has more energy during the day.

“Looking back more than three years later, could I ever have possibly believed that all this could happen?  That my pain and fatigue would be gone?  That I’d have no more incontinence?  The best that I had hoped for was some relief from the tendon pain.  I was afraid that my active life was going to be severely compromised, but instead, I am able to not only enjoy more, but to do more physically.”

Multiple Benefits – The Holistic Impact of Earthing